Appalling massacres being committed against civilians in Deir Ezzor by both Daesh and Russia, amid scary silence of the international community

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Al-Salhiyah massacre:

Civilians in the town of Al-Salhiyah, north Deir Ezzor city, woke up to another dreadful massacre on Thursday after Russian Tu-22M3 bombers executed multiple air strikes over densely populated areas in the town, killing at least 8 civilians and wounding several others, most of whom are in critical condition.


Al-Omal massacre:

On Tuesday, Russian warplanes carried out a horrific civilian massacre after they struck residential buildings in Al-Omal neighborhood, claiming the lives of at least ten civilians and wounding several others, most of whom are presently in an extremely bad shape.

Russian warplanes targeted a crowd of civilians who were queuing for bread near one of the ovens in the neighborhood. This was a domesticated area devoid of any Daesh presence, a local source in Al-Omal neighborhoods indicated to D24 On Tuesday.

Al-Joura massacre:

Daesh carried out a horrible massacre on Wednesday after six civilians, including women and children, were killed by the group mortar attack on the regime-held neighborhood of Al-Joura in Deir Ezzor.

“Daesh mortar shelling targeted a crowd of civilians buying food items from Al-Qaterji shops in Al-Joura neighborhood.” A D24 correspondent said on Thursday.

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