Trapped civilians living under the crippling siege in Deir Ezzor are once again facing an increase in food prices and excruciating daily water cuts

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The civilians in besieged Deir Ezzor are once again facing dire siege conditions, after the situation relatively improved following the organized delivery of relief aid to the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, which took place few days ago by cargo planes.


For unclear reasons, civilians are again experiencing an extremely sharp increase in food prices in the besieged neighborhoods, with sugar, sardine and date palm being unavailable at the markets. Some shopkeepers were forced to close their shops following the increase in prices of food items, which have raised from 40 to 50 percent.


The trapped civilians also undergo an exasperating daily water cut, pushing some of them to bring untreated water from the Euphrates River for drinking and kitchen use.


For a year and eight months, Deir Ezzor city has been under a crippling siege, which has turned the civilian situation into a total nightmare.


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