A tragic day in Deir Ezzor following the execution of two prominent FSA commanders by Daesh

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Once again, Daesh executes two of the eminent figures of the Syrian revolution in Deir Ezzor, whom the regime did not manage to get rid of, emptying the city of all FSA remnants.



In a tragic day in Deir Ezzor, Daesh executed FSA first lieutenant, Hamoud Al-Muheidi, with simultaneous reports of Ali Fadouss,  another prominent FSA commander in the province,  having the same fate. The first lieutenant was executed under charges of cooperation with FSA after spending one month between the bars of a notorious Daesh’s jail. Hamoud Muheidi family was informed of his execution today.



First lieutenant Hamoud Muheidi is from the city of Muhassan. Before officially joining the FSA in Deir Ezzor, he had cooperated and coordinated with them while he was still a member of the regime air defense battalions operating near the city of Banyass. When regime soldiers started to defect and the FSA began to form, Hamoud also embarked the ship, becoming amongst the first defectors in the city of Deir Ezzor. He precisely defected and joined the FSA in Muhassan city in 2012, becoming part of Ahfad Mohamed Brigade, a leading FSA brigade in Deir Ezzor at the time.


He took part in all battles, which occurred in the city, most notable of which was the liberation of Al-Hijana and the civil defense. He was also part of the battle of the liberation of Myadeen city. He was present during fierce battles that raged near the military airport. His name was the most repeated on walkie talkies devices.



After a regime shell exploded near him during the battle of the liberation of the Missile Battalion, he sustained a severe wound, which cost him his right eye. He was transported to Turkish hospitals and after a while, he preferred to return to Deir Ezzor, though Daesh occupied it at the time. Upon his arrival to the province, Daesh arrested him immediately. No one knew about his fate until Saturday, August 20, 2016, when Daesh fighters informed his family of his execution for cooperation and communication with the FSA.


The one who does not know Hamoud Al-Muheidi, the officer and the human knows neither what is the Syrian revolution nor sacrifice.


Regarding Ali Fadouss, who else in Deir Ezzor does not know or has not heard of him? The one, who does not know him, knows no revolution and no FSA. He was among the first to join the Syrian revolution, despite the fact he comes from a well off family who now lives in the Gulf.


He partook in multiple fierce battles against Assad-regime. One of his friends said that “ he once stormed the military security headquarter in the city of Myadeen overnight, and took one of the vehicles belonging to the regime forces along with the gun inside, and left safely as if nothing happened.” He was also involved in the epic battle of Russafa where he sustained an injury in direct combat with regime fighters stationed at a checkpoint near Al-Safa Mosque.


He had fought against the Assad-regime until Daesh arrived in Deir Ezzor and arrested him. There are now reports about his execution by the group, just because he preferred to remain part of the FSA instead of joining his family in the Gulf.


Since the occupation of the province, Daesh has turned its focus on eliminating all those who rebelled against the regime as if it is punishing them. It started with putting an end to the FSA commanders and activists, and has moved to kidnapping and arrest methods.


Revolution swallows the people and sometime loses them; however, their blood will inevitably plant roses of freedom.

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