Daesh permits the patients in Deir Ezzor to travel outside its held territory for medical treatment

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In a new move, Daesh has permitted patients in Al-Bukamal and Al-Shaitat, Deir Ezzor’s eastern countryside, to travel outside its controlled territory based on several strict conditions.


Civilians who want to travel to Damascus for medical treatment must first provide a medical certificate they obtain from doctors operating at the hospitals run by Daesh in the region. The certificate must states that the patient is in urgent need to be treated by other medical devices for his illness, which are unavailable at the hospitals operated by the group. The second emphasises that the patients will be given an approval to travel on condition that they sign a document stating that they would give up their houses if they exceed the allowed determined period (45 days).  Their homes will be confiscated by Daesh, if they violate any of the above mentioned conditions.

These are extremely strict conditions imposed on people who are in an urgent need to travel outside Deir Ezzor for medical treatment. However, the newly issued decision came after Daesh imposed a ban on all kind of travels outside its territory, Daesh checkpoints in Raqqa, Al-Bab and Maskana have arrested all civilians coming from  Deir Ezzor to the cities and forced them to return.

The city of Al-Bukamal and Al-Shaitat area are of significant concern for the organization, as a result of the failed offensive launched by the New Syrian Army to liberate Al-Bukamal from Daesh, and the perpetual feeling of discontent between civilians in Al-Shaitat area due to the horrible massacres that were carried out against them two years ago by the group.

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