Corruption is rampant in public sector in Deir Ezzor.. “al-Mazhour” company once again

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Informed sources told Deir Ezzor 24 network that al-Mazhour construction company is carrying out dummy projects in cooperation with the sector in Deir Ezzor province. The source said that “Al-Mazhour” takes half the value of any contract in exchange for giving the general authority represented by municipal councils invoices and hours of using his engineering equipment, in addition to signing contracts of work in coordination with the studying body in the Directorate of Technical Services in Deir Ezzor, which is supervised by engineer Nasser Saba al-Deir.

The owner of al-Mazhour company is Firas Abdul Hamid al-Mazhour. He is from Al-Hissan town in the western Deir Ezzor countryside which is controlled by the SDF, and belongs to al-Bakara tribe. He worked as an informant of the “Assad regime” against the opposition at the time it was controlling the province. He used to spying on demonstrators at the behest of officer “Daas Daas” in order to arrest them.

At the time of the revolution, Al-Mazhour was also active in establishing relations as an mediator with tribal and security figures, with the aim of building a network working among the opposition for Assad regime, to get his needs from Deir Ezzor city.

Al-Mazhour established his company in collaboration with Daas Daas, the former head of the State Security branch, Daas Daas. The company started it work by putting two pictures of Bashar al-Assad and his father, painted by artist Haitham Diwani, at the entrance of al-Panorama on Damascus highway, then it bought real estates for Iranians.

As the company started to work for the public sector, it carried out the floating bridge on the Euphrates River, which connects Al-Shamiyah with Al-Jazeera, maintained al-Somoud roundabout at the expense of the Deir Ezzor Council, equipped the land of the Concorde Stadium, and obtained contracts to remove debris from the city’s neighborhoods, in addition to other projects in the province, mostly in cooperation with the General Road and Bridge Company (Rodco).

Firass al-Mazhour was arrested due to conflicts of interest among senior officers and officials of Assad regime. These disputes led to opening up corruption and theft cases, which are rampant in the public sector’s institutions run in secret by regime officials and security figures.


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