Assad regime and opposition restrict talented Syrians while Europe hosts them

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Mahmoud Safif, a professional of Kickboxing from Deir Ezzor, defeated the world hero Yurn Van Dimen who scored 43 wins in his professional record.

The Dutch city of Alkmaar hosted the match, as by defeating Van Dimen, Safif reserved his golden professional record void of loss. Earlier, Safif overwhelmingly defeated the hero of Romania, Angel Cardous.

Safif received proposals by the Assad regime to represent the latter’s team, but he strongly rejected. Safif’ s father said that his son proposed to the Syrian Opposition and its sports association to represent the revolution and raise its flag in sports events, but the opposition only agreed to cover 10 percent of Safif’ s needs. Holland offered to cover Safif s total needs of travel, physical care and treatment, costs of residence, and equipment in return for Safif’s representing the Dutch team. Safif ’s accepted the Dutch offer due to his need for money to pursue his sport.

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