Assad regime’s Military Security arrests Iran’s agent al-Jaddghan

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The Assad regime’s Military Security arrested Fayez al-Jaddghan (Abu Sari) the military commander of the local militias of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) in the town of Ayash. The Military Security arrested al-Jaddghan on charges of misappropriation of public money as he was the head of the municipality of the village of al-Ashra in al-Hasakah countryside. Al-Jaddghan was involved in selling machinery and equipment of the municipality, and projects bills that were under implementation in 2012.

Local militias guard the Ayash weapons depots and a training center for the Abu al-Faddil al-Abbas militia. Al-Jaddghan holds an Iranian card and came from Beirut to join the al-Baqer Brigade upon reconciliation in 2017 along with sheikh Nawaf al-Basheer. Al-Basheer and al-Jaddghan belong to the al-Bakara tribe.

Al-Jaddghan was previously dismissed from the leadership of the “Fatimiyoun” militia and faced charges related to theft of food and weapons, and the “Fatimiyoun” militia includes Afghan fighters recruited by Iran.

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