Assad regime refuses to restore al-Fardous mosque in Deir Ezzor for being one of the revolution’s symbols

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The residents of al-Jubaila neighborhood in Deir Ezzor have handed over several petitions to the municipality and governor of Deir Ezzor, calling on them to restore the destroyed al-Fardous mosque, which is the largest mosque in the neighborhood, according to Deir Ezzor 24 network correspondent.

All the residents’ requests were rejected by Assad regime officials because the mosque has a great symbolic importance in the revolution, as it was one of the main starting points for demonstrations in the neighborhood.

Out of hatred, Assad regime has prevented people even from cleaning the mosque and removing the rubble from its courtyard.

Al-Fardous Mosque in Al-Jubaila neighborhood was one of the mosques from which people used to start their demonstrations at the beginning of the peaceful movement, in addition to Othman mosque in the old airport neighborhood, al-Hamidi mosque on the main street, Ali Ibn Abi Talib mosque in al-Hamidiyah neighborhood and al-Safa mosque in al-Omal neighborhood.

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