Assad regime institutions entrench taxes in Deir Ezzor

Written by Editorial Board

Language / اللغة العربية

Assad regime institutions in Deir Ezzor try to entrench their control by pressuring the residents to resort to the principle of taxes. The institutions aim at restricting the residents and blackmailing them in different ways.

Recently, the Criminal Security branch has imposed new taxes on the residents who want to obtain a non-sentenced document that is a major request to conduct many transactions.

Those people either have to pay or get stuck in queues for over two hours in hot weather. Given that, the residents are forced to pay money in return for facilitating their affairs to obtain the required document and overcome obstacles imposed by the members and officers of the branch.

The Assad regime deliberately exhausts people with taxes in institutions and at checkpoints. This stirs residents’ resentment as they demand to obtain their rights free of charge; however, no one listens to the residents.

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