Assad regime increases salaries and raises prices

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Day after day living conditions get worse in the areas controlled by Assad regime in Deir Ezzor, as the prices of food items and fuel are rising significantly, increasing burdens on civilians and making it difficult for them to obtain their basic daily needs.

Assad regime’s General Feed Corporation increased the price of forage to livestock breeders and all public and private sectors to 1050000 Syrian pounds per ton of imported corn and 940,000 SYP per ton of ready-made feed for cows, which increases burden on livestock breeders.

Assad regime’s government also raised the prices of diesel, and accordingly the Deir Ezzor province Council raised minibus fares to 100 Syrian pounds for short distances, and 1545 SYP for long distances in the province.

Transportation fares from Deir Ezzor to Damascus through Homs increased to 10,000 SYP for a VIP class ticket, and 8,700 SYP for an economic class ticket. Taxi fares start by 300 SYP in addition to 150 SYP for every 1 km and 25 SYP per minute.

Accordingly, Deir Ezzor experienced overcrowding in bus and taxi stops, as many of them stopped working because drivers were unable to get diesel fuel due to its high prices.

This concided with Assad regime increased salaries by 50% due to price rises and the discontent of people and their inability to obtain basic necessities of life.

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