Iranian Cultural Center continues its activities in Deir Ezzor

Written by Editorial Board

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Iranian Cultural Center maintaining teams are about to finish rehabilitating the al-Rawi Takiyah to hold the Eid al-Adha prayers and preach in it.

The al-Rawi Takiyah is located on the public street in al-Sheikh Yaseen area in Deir Ezzor. It dates back in history to the Ottoman rule, as then, al-Takaya played a key role in raising generations and strengthening social ties by holding activities to help people in need.

The al-Rawi Takiyah, named after its builder Ahmad al-Rawi who was a dignitary of Deir Ezzor then, used to host studying, worshiping, and guiding sessions. People of the area rehabilitated al-Takiyah on different occasions; however, in 2015, Daesh destroyed it deliberately, claiming it contained graves.

Iran-affiliated institutions try to control and rehabilitate locations of religious symbolism so that they become Shiite. The aim of such a step is to turn the locations into worshipping places for Shiite sect. This contributes to the plan of demographic change against the area, and tempting the people to convert to Shiism.

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