4th Division extorts civilians in al-Mayadeen

Written by Editorial Board

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Prices of vegetables, fruit, meat, diaries, oils, sugar, and tea scored a remarkable increase in the markets of the city of al-Mayadeen due to the Assad forces’ 4th Division’s increasing fees of crossing to the city through the al-Bal’oom roundabout checkpoints. The division deliberately extorts civilians.

The 4th Division seizes goods at its checkpoints, claiming that they are invalid. The division seizes the goods to pressure traders to pay money to reclaim them.

The price of potatoes reached 1,400 Syrian pounds (SYP) per kilo, tomatoes 1,500 SYP per kilo, apples 1,500 SYP per kilo, banana 11,000 SYP per kilo, sugar 3,200 SYP per kilo, milk 1,400 SYP per kilo, and chicken 6,800 SYP per kilo.

This incredible price increase comes in light of the deteriorating living conditions, the growth of poverty and unemployment, and the people’s urgent need for all necessities.

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