Al-Kasra Hospital resumes work after ensuring staff’s safety, western Deir Ezzor

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The administration of the al-Kasra Hospital announced that the samples of the hospital medical staff were negative. The hospital suspended receiving patients as the medical staff was suspected to be infected with coronavirus (COVID-19), according to a medical staff member.

The staff was suspected to be infected with COVID-19 after staff members contacted an infected person, who came from al-Raqqa, last week. Two days after taking a sample of him, the person was proved to be infected with COVID-19. Upon that, the medical staff suspended receiving normal cases and only received emergency cases.

The hospital resumed work after ensuring the medical staff’ safety, and received patients. The hospital administration imposed austere precautionary measures to prevent COVID-19 spread.

Covid-19 cases were registered in Deir Ezzor areas, east of the Euphrate River, over the last ten days. Authorities tightened precautionary procedures in different facilities in the area.

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