Agricultural bank refuses to pay farmers for cereals sacks in Deir Ezzor

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The Agricultural Bank of Deir Ezzor refrained from compensating farmers for cereals sacks and only compensated those who bought the sacks from the bank.

The farmers who bought the sacks from the bank felt tricked by the administration of the bank, especially as they bought sacks from outside the bank for 4,200 Syrian pounds per sack. The farmers complained about the routine and prohibitive procedures by Engineer Basam Kasseri, the manager of the bank who is known for corruption, cooperation with effective sides in Deir Ezzor, and tight relations with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards militia.

This year, the Agricultural Bank of Deir Ezzor paid farmers between 700 and 800 SYP per kilo of wheat; however the price of wheat in black market exceeded 950 SYP per kilo in addition to the price of sacks.

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