Abu Hamza Al-Faranssi: A top Al-Qaeda explosives expert

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Nom de guerre: Hamza al Faranssi

Name: David Dorjon

Nationality: French

Abu Hamza al Faranssi was born to catholic parents and embraced Islam at the age of 18-years-old, which was met with his parent’s refusal of his new religion, insisting that he must leave it. In response, He took his luggage and travelled to Egypt with the aim of studying Sharia and Islam in general at one al-Azhar institutions.

When he finished his study in Egypt, he returned to France in 2010 and because he could not integrate with the French society, he decided to move to Waziristan, Pakistan, and join al-Qaeda where he would receive extensive training on the making of explosives by the most notable al-Qaeda’s explosive experts. After a while, he mastered the art of creating explosives and started manufacturing all types of bombs, including Undetected Plastic bombs, which can be used to blow up airports and military headquarters, and IED.

Because of his competency in making explosives, al-Qaeda deployed him to Syria where he became one of Nusra members whose position was to train  other members on making  explosives at a Nusra training camp named “ The wolf of Khurassan’’ which had been established in rural Idlib by the group. The training camp also trained Nusra members on guerilla and electronic warfare tactics and strategies.


Hamza al-Faranssi suffered two injuries. His first injury had been in Afghanistan and the other when fighting alongside Nusra against Assad-regime in al-Naqarin, rural Aleppo. Jihadist sources on Twitter reported that he had been wounded in a US drone strike on the countryside of Idlib, but he survived.


Based on the available info, Hamza entered Syria on order of al-Qaeda leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, after Abu Mohammed Joulani pledged his allegiance to al-Qaeda, breaking his ties with ISIS. He came to Syria along with high-ranking al-Qaeda commanders from Afghanistan, including Abu Hamam al-Suri, Abdl al-Muhssin al-Sharikh, Abdu Sumiya al-Khurassani, and Abu Yusuf al-Turki, a famous sniper. All of these commanders are in charge of training Nusra members at ” The Wolf of Khurassan” training camp in rural Idlib.

David Drojon was reportedly killed in a Coaltiion air strike in Syria while accompanied by his colleague, Abu Qatada al-Tunssi, an unknown person . Abdel Muhsin al Sharikh mourned their death on Twitter, however, there are still sources questioning the validity of his death, claiming that both are still alive; and Nusra declaring them dead was a policy so that counter-terror operatives stop searching for them.

Abu Hamza al Faranssi fate remains unknown among the gossips and rumors that have been spread so far, waiting for a reliable source to confirm or deny his death.

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