4th division controls Assad’s forces in Deir Ezzor

Written by Editorial Board

Language / اللغة العربية

The Fourth Division of Assad regime is the most influential and powerful in Deir Ezzor now. It orders establishing and removing checkpoints of Assad’s forces as it like. And it is trying to establish a power parallel to that of Iran and Russia in the region, as it coordinates with both parties alone..

The 4th Division controls crossings and checkpoints, through looting, blackmailing and imposing taxes on civilians, confiscating their goods and properties and threatening to arrest them, in an attempt to show that it has a power and can controls the military institutions, while it is believed that it got its power from the Iranian militias, which support it to create militias similar to that of al-Houthi, Hezbollah and Hashd al-Shaabi.

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