US $150 as a bribe to stay in Al-Mayadeen east of Deir Ezzor !

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D24 exclusive:

Sources revealed to D24 network that the Iranian militias have moved about 200 elements from al-Mayadeen city in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside to the northern Hama countryside.

The sources confirmed that the elements left Al-Mayadeen city about two days ago, and that they included elements from the Revolutionary Guard militia and the tribal militias.

Those who were moved to the northern Hama countryside had been previously selected and informed to prepare themselves by the leaders of their brigades.

The sources confirmed that elements from the Revolutionary Guards had paid bribes to their leaders in order not to be moved to Hama countryside and participate in the military operations in the region.

According to the sources, one of the elements paid about US $150 to a commander in the guard militia in order not to be moved to Hama countryside.

The sources noted that the majority of the elements who had been moved, did not have enough money to pay as bribes, and that they were forced to obey the orders.

The decision of moving the elements caused resentment among the loyalists of the Assad regime, because one of the terms of the settlement papers the elements signed says that the elements won’t be moved to any other city, which the Assad regime and the Iranian militias didn’t abide by.

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