Update: Dozens of civilians killed in Al-Bukamal, and the coalition denies striking the city

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The civilian death toll from the massacre, which is believed to have been carried out by Iraqi army aircraft in the city of Al-Bukamal, has risen to 35 civilians, including 15 children and 6 women, in addition to the wounding of more than 120 others.


The casualties might still increase since most of the wounded are in a critical condition. They are being treated in several hospitals in the region which suffer from a lack of medical cadres and supplies. Rescue operations to save those trapped under the rubble had continued until the morning.


The coalition spokesperson denied any links with the massacre.


The aircraft, believed to have been Iraqi army warplanes, carried out yesterday airstrikes on the Rahman Mosque and the Massaken area nearby the Hajanah in the city of Al-Bukamal as well as a house for displaced families.


Some of the dead who were documented by name:

  1. Ahmed Soliman Al Hussein
  2. 2 – Mrs. Doha Fayyad Al Hussein – wife of Ahmed Al Hussein
  3. 3 – The child Mohammed Ahmed Suleiman Al – Hussein
  4. Fayyad Ahmed Suleiman Al – Hussein
  5. 5 – the child Alaa Ahmed Suleiman Al Hussein
  6. 6 – the girl Azzam Ahmed Suleiman al – Hussein
  7. The child Fares Ahmed Suleiman Al – Hussein
  8. 8 – Mohammed Abdul Salam Al Shatti
  9. 9 – Toushous Ali Hamed
  10. Sabria Allawi Al-Ahmad
  11. Ahmed Abdul Razzaq Al-Haj Mohammed

12.- the wife of Abdul Razzaq al – Haj Mohammed

  1. . Ms. Sabria Nuri Jamil Al-Soloh – wife of Irfan Farid Al-Abdal-Rahman
  2. 15.16.Three children – their father Irfan Farid Al-Abd Al-Rahman
  3. Nasser Abdul Razzaq Jumaa Al-Marai
  4. 18 – The child Majd Ragheb Abdel Razzaq Friday
  5. Ms. Dalal Abdullatif Al-Marai, wife of Nasser Abdul Razzaq Jumaa Al-Mari
  6. 20 – A lady whose name has not yet arrived, the title is Um Nasser – the wife of Abdullatif Jumaa Al Mari
  7. 21 – Child Bassel Nasser Jumaa al-Mari
  8. 22 – the child Sami Nasser Jumaa al-Mari
  9. 23 – The child Hani Nasser Jumaa al – Marai
  10. Rawan Thaer Juma’a al-Mari
  11. 25 – A girl whose name did not arrive – her father Jamal Nasser al-Marai
  12. 26 – The child Ahmed Younis al – Duraibi
  13. 27 – 28 – two civilians- their father is the Muslih Al-Tarad

29 – 35. Seven people displaced from Iraq.


Graphic video released by Daesh-linked Amaq News showing dozens of dead and wounded civilians in Al-Bukamal after airstrikes yesterday.

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