Unknown group in Al-Bukamal declares the targeting of Iranian-backed Brigade 47 bases and members

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Over the last week a resistance group calling itself Thuwar Al-Bukamal has emerged. It has published a statement threatening Iranian militias and their commanders, telling them to “get out” in the local dialect.

They have subsequently released footage of the notorious Iranian affiliate, Brigade 47, from their Telegram account, including the locations of Brigade 47 bases and pictures of its members in an attempt to expose the activities and violations of this particular militia.

Brigade 47 and its commanders, Hajj Al-Askar and Abu Essa Al-Mashadaani, have very bad reputations in Al-Bukamal. The local people talk about their violations, especially the civilians who have been harrassed by Brigade 47 members.

It seems that Brigade 47 members even face enemies in Regime groups. For example, there has been a number of clashes between the Brigade and the National Defense Forces. Rumors have been spreading among Kata’ib Hezbollah that Hajj Al-Askar himself has failed to control the Brigade.

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