Two families from Deir Ezzor killed by landmines planted by ISIS in northern Aleppo

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Two families from Deir Ezzor were killed today on their way to Turkey after they triggered landmines planted by ISIS in northern Aleppo. The landmines were planted by the group in the area separating Al- Wahshiya and Um Wahsh. It is also the area that separates ISIS-held areas from the FSA controlled territory in rural Aleppo.



Five members of the family of Abd Al-Hamid Huwayja in Al-Ishara city in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor lost their lives today as they walked through an ISIS minefield in northern Aleppo.


A source close to the family said ‘’ the family who arrived from Al Ishara city, in rural Deir Ezzor, to northern Aleppo, were obliged to walk a specific distance between Um Hawsh and Al-Whshiya in an attempt to escape ISIS check posts in northern Aleppo, according to a taxi driver who was hired by the family. After they walked for a short period, they ended up walking through a minefield, which caused the death of  five members of the family along with other civilians.’’

It added ‘’ after the taxi driver returned to rescue them, another landmine was detonated, causing the death and injury of a number of civilians. Among the injured is the taxi driver who is now receiving treatment in the hospital of Azaz.


On the other hand, Ahmed Khaled Al-Tabn and his wife from Deir Ezzor have disappeared and their fate is still unknown following the explosion of landmine in northern Aleppo, which caused the immediate death of their two children, local sources told Deir Ezzor 24.

It should be noted that Deir Ezzor province has witnessed in recent months an enormous wave of displacement towards the Turkish territory due to ISIS terror, the deterioration of living standards, and intensive Russian airstrikes

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