The US-led coalition air strikes kill two children in Albu Kamal on Monday

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Leaflets dropped today by the US-led coalition in Albu Kamal warning civilians of approaching ISIS positions

At least two children were killed today in a US-led airstrike on the village of Al-Sukariya in rural Albu Kamal. The coalition targeted an ISIS position near the house of the family of the two children, who are among the displaced families from Aleppo that have fled to Deir Ezzor, which caused the immediate death of their two children.

The US-led coalition renewed its airstrikes in Deir Ezzor province on Monday targeting several ISIS targets in Albu Kamal near the Iraqi border, and dropping new leaflets over the city. Among the targeted areas are the school of Fayz Al-Mansour, the municipality, Aisha hospital, Al-Kurnish Street, Al-Hizam al Akhdar area and a vehicle parking. The total number of air raids conducted by the coalition today reached 11 air raids, during which 31 missiles were fired, D24 correspondent said on Monday.

He added ‘’ the airstrikes over the city of Albu Kamal today led to the injury of a number of civilians, with reports of ISIS casualties. ‘’

It should be noted that the coalition warplanes dropped today new leaflets over the city of Albu Kamal, warning civilians to stay away from ISIS targets to minimize civilian casualties during anti-ISIS airstrikes.

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