The tragedy of displacement… the Sad refugee camp as an example.

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Al Sad refugee camp is located 20 km south of Al Hasakah city and 3 km away from the Arishah village. It is established in an empty area in the desert and lacks most human basic needs. It consists of around 300 camps and is home to around 5500 displaced civilians. The place where it is set up was a center for refining oil (oil burners), which has increased cases of cancers among the displaced.


The sufferings of the displaced can be summed up as follows:

  1. Electricity is unavailable. The displaced are charging their mobiles by the help of some vehicles that are coming regularly to the camp due to a deal between them and the administration of the camp.
  2. There are no services facilities (no toilets, no water pipes), which is mainly catastrophic for women. The worst thing is that the corridors between the camps have been turned into toilets.
  3. There is only one medical point that lacks most equipment and medicines, despite the fact that there are many urgent cases such as pregnant women. At the same time, the displaced are prevented from leaving the refugee camp for medical treatment, which has resulted in the death of some of them so far.
  4. There are no humanitarian organizations operating in the camp is it should be. There is only one that provides some basic foodstuffs to them and is rarely done.
  5. If some of the displaced want to go to Al Hasakah city, he or she will have to pay 100.000 SYP to be given the permission. Furthermore, a guarantor is obligatory before paying the amount of money. Concerning those who want to leave for Manbej, Al Bab, Azaz…, they have to pay expensive amounts of money, which they cannot afford at the moment.


These sufferings have forced the displaced to protest against the administration, hoping they would listen and improve their current miserable situation.


The new thing, which is documented by D24, is the arrest and the forced recruitment of the youths in the camp by the SDF. Some of the forced recruits were killed recently in clashes against Daesh for they were deployed to the forefronts (used as human shields), though they were inexperienced.

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