Assad’s forces open the Sinaa neighborhood front after they failed to advance from the Huwayjah Sakr area.

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Assad’s forces have managed to lay siege to the Daesh-heled neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor city after capturing the Salhiyah area north of the city.

A few days ago, Assad’s forces made several attempts to advance from the Huywyjah Sakr front east of Deir Ezzor in order to besieged Daesh in the city from all sides; however, all of them turned into failure. And after failing for multiple times and sustaining dozens of casualties, they opened the Sinaa neighborhood front east of the city. The Sinaa and the Omar neighborhood, as well as the old airport, witnessed today the heaviest campaign of artillery shelling and airstrikes, enabling the regime forces to advance against the organization positions in the Sinaa neighborhood.

Hundreds of civilians remain trapped in the besieged neighborhoods that are under the control of Daesh, with no aid and protection. The organization-held neighborhoods are facing lack of bread, foodstuffs and drinkable water.

The Joura, the Qusour neighbourhoods and the Ayash housings, as well as parts of the Muwadafin, the Orafi, the Jabilah, the Sinaa, the Tahtoh, the Harabish neighbourhoods, are under the control of the Assad regime, while Daesh is in control of the remaining ones, most significant of which are the Humeidiyah, the Sheikh Yassin, the Huwayqah Sharqiya and the Knamat neighbourhoods.

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