The Russians are intensifying their measures in Deir Ezzor to curb Iranian militias

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DeirEzzor24 exclusive report:

The Fifth Corps of the Russian forces established new points on the Euphrates River in the seven villages with the aim of preventing the arrival of boats carrying Iranian missiles that are targeting the coalition base in the Conoco field, according to a DeirEzzor24 network correspondent.

Our local reporter said hat this action by the Russian forces comes within a set of measures taken by the Russians to prevent the Iranian Revolutionary Guard militia from using the countryside north of the river as a base to target the coalition, which included changing the guard detachments on the dirt bridge and the floating metal bridge, and intensifying military security patrols in the seven villages. And planting some river mines on the bank of the Euphrates, east of the town of Tabiya Jazira, and activating the role of mukhtars within the villages as their eyes in the region.

A Russian-American agreement was concluded three years ago to evacuate these villages from Iranian military bases and place them under Russian control only.

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