The Fourth Division causes vegetable prices to rise in Deir Ezzor

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DeirEzzor24 exclusive report:
Members of the Fourth Division in Deir Ezzor increased the demarcation operations on municipal vegetables such as parsley and watercress, as the operatives of the Talai checkpoint imposed 10,000 SYP on cars loaded with them, which caused prices to rise, as the price of a bundle of parsley reached 500 SYP.
The checkpoints of the Fourth Division, which controls the checkpoints in the area, deliberately blackmail the residents by imposing fines, royalties and customs under several pretexts, the main objective of which is to complicate the affairs of civilians and obtain money from them illegally.

The fourth division fighters were not satisfied with that, but went on to carry out armed robberies, and thefts of the people’s belongings and their shops, under the threat of death.

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