The fourth anniversary of the martyrdom of the graffiti man in Deir Ezzor

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As the revolution began, everyone chose the suitable weapons and tools to express the despisableness for the tyranny of the Assad-regime. Among the tools was the spraying of graffiti on the walls, which was utilized as a means to express the principles of the revolution and sending messages about its demands to the world. One of the most famous and notable graffiti men, who were effectively active in the province of Deir Ezzor, was Mahmoud Al-Suleimen (born in 1992).


Al-Suleiman lived in the Jabilah neighborhood and was a student at the Industrial High School in Deir Ezzor. He joined the revolution to become one of the most notable activists who chose graffiti as a way to fight the regime. He was dubbed as “the graffiti man”.


He also worked with the revolutionary committees in the neighborhood and created a social media page titled “The Graffiti Man, The Flame of the Revolution”. He sprayed some eye-catching graffiti on the walls which were overlooked by mainstream media. However, they were always a source of concerning for the regime security forces trying to capture the graffiti men in the region because of their vital role in inciting the people against the dictatorship of Assad.


Then he joined the FSA battalion of Abu Dar Al-Ghaffari operating in the region at the time.


He rose as martyr on October 24, 2012, after being targeted with sniper gunfire by Assad forces.

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