The Directorate of Agriculture in Deir Ezzor leaks information that disturbs farmers

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DeirEzzor24 exclusive report:

The Directorate of Agriculture in Deir Ezzor leaked news about canceling the subsidy for agricultural fertilizer provided through agricultural banks and maintaining the fuel subsidy (diesel), according to a local reporter of DeirEzzor24.

According to the reporter, the agricultural fertilizer plant is under Russian control for the Russian Transstroy Gas Company under a contract with the Assad regime since 2019 for a period of 49 years, while current production goes to special contracts with contractors in the private sector and the Arvada Company, affiliated with the Al-Qaterji Group. While another part of the production is exported outside the country in bags weighing 25 kg.

The raw material for the Syrian fertilizer industry is described as having high international quality due to the high percentage of ammonium in phosphate.

The value of a 50-kg bag of subsidized fertilizer was sold at the Agricultural Bank for approximately 100 thousand liras, and its value on the black market is more than half a million liras, and it is expected to rise this season to one million liras.

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