The Autonomous Administration in Deir Ezzor imposes drastic measures to counter the threat of Coronavirus!

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The Autonomous Administration in northern and eastern Syria, through the joint presidency of the Executive Council in northern and Eastern Syria, has imposed a curfew in all areas of the Autonomous Administration, starting from Monday morning 23-3-2020, according to a statement published by the Autonomous Administration on its identifiers.

The statement also included provisions to prevent movement between the major cities starting from Saturday 21-3-2020 at 6:00 a.m., and the closure of all restaurants, cafes, commercial gatherings (bazaars), parks, private medical clinics, wedding halls and condolence tents.

The statement excluded all hospitals, public and private health centers, international organizations, the Red Cross, red crescent, pharmacies, sterilization committees, cleaners, bakeries, foodstuffs shops, vehicles transporting foodstuffs, infant formula and fuel and oil tankers.

In the same context, the Religious Affairs department in Deir Ezzor civil council of the autonomous administration, issued a statement to suspend Friday and group prayers in all mosques until further notice. After saying the Adhan The muezzin will just say : “Pray in your homes, God deliver us from scourges and plagues.”

The statement also said that all religious gatherings, social events, religious lessons, and Qur’an lessons in mosques will be suspended “in order to prevent harm.”

These measures, which were taken by the autonomous administration in Deir Ezzor, are preventive steps to prevent Coronavirus, which started to threaten all regions and countries.

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