The Authenticity and Development front cuts all of its ties with the New Syrian Army.

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The Authenticity and Development front, which operates under the umbrella of the Free Syrian Army, has issued a statement in which it declared cutting all its ties with the New Syrian Army.


The statement reads, “Based on all the previous actions carried out by the New Syrian Army, which do not meet with our objectives and principles, we decided to separate ourselves from the military faction.”


Breaking ties with the NSA include both the commanders and fighters of the Authenticity and Development front, meaning that they can join any military factions operating under the umbrella of the front.


The front clarified also that it will carry on its activities in the eastern region, indicating that it will not hesitate to cooperate and coordinate with any countries, if they are serious about providing support to the anti-Daesh factions operating in the region.


The Authenticity and Development includes multiple FSA factions operating in Hamah, Idlib, Homs and Deir Ezzor. However, the number of these factions have been on the decrease as many decided to leave the front, including Jaysh Assud Al-Sharqiya.

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