Daesh heavy artillery shelling on the besieged neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor wounded five civilians yesterday

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At least five civilians living in the besieged neighborhood of Al-Joura in Deir Ezzor sustained injuries when Daesh heavy artillery shells landed directly on their homes yesterday.

Daesh fighters operating in the village of Al-Janinah, north Deir Ezzor city and west Al-Bughayliya, pounded the neighborhood of Al-Joura and the regime-held Al-Talai camp with heavy artillery yesterday, a local source in the besieged neighborhoods said on Thursday.

The source added that the Daesh fighters fired a total of 100 artillery shells on Assad-regime controlled territories of Deir Ezzor yesterday. The shells would blew up in the sky, causing a black smoke before they land on the ground and explode for the second time.

According to sources in the besieged neighborhoods, the artillery shell fired by Daesh heavy artillery was a new type of ammo which has recently been brought to Deir Ezzor and used for the first time yesterday by the organization.

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