Child dies in besieged Deir Ezzor due to lack of medical care

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Picture of the child Bilal Al-Huweik

The child Bilal Al-Huweij from the besieged neighborhood of Al-Joura in Deir Ezzor city died today, as the hospitals in the besieged areas are unable to provide decent medical care, amid a lack of medical equipment and medicines due to the dire siege conditions the city has been going through for almost two years.


An amateur doctor conducted the operation on the child suffering from hernia. Ending the surgery, the doctor did not sew the affected body area correctly, leaving the intestines of the child bleeding rapidly, a close source to the family of the child indicated.

After reviewing the doctor for several times, he would say that the child health was stable. Contrary to his notice, the child health continued to deteriorate, the source added.

His family were pushed to transport him to the military hospital in Deir Ezzor (Ahmed Al-Huweidi Hospital) where they learnt that the child was in extremely bad shape. He conducted an unsuccessful urgent surgery at the hospital lacking medical equipment and medicines, resulting in his death.


Ten thousands of civilians have been going through deplorable conditions because of the Daesh-imposed siege on Assad-regime controlled neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor, which has impacted all aspects of life, including the medical sector experiencing a sharp shortage of medical staff after many of them left for other areas, coinciding with an extreme lack of medical devices and medicines at the hospitals.


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