Syrian elements who pay more.. Tehran or Moscow?

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DeirEzzor24 exclusive report:

In recent days, the Syrian pound has depreciated against the dollar, reaching one dollar to 5,400 Syrian pounds, which has caused great problems among the Iranian militias, which deliver the salaries of their local fighters in the Syrian currency, as the salary of the element does not exceed 35 US dollars. While its salaries are given to foreigners in hard currency in the amount of 300 US dollars.

Low salaries encouraged the pro-Russian Qaterji militia to announce its need to recruit Syrian youths with a salary of 500,000 Syrian pounds, or approximately $100.

Russia’s entry into the conscription line, as Iran withdraws its manpower, forced the latter to increase the salaries of locals in two steps. The first time, the salaries were increased from 220,000 pounds to 270,000 pounds, and then it repeated the increase from 270,000 to 350,000 Syrian pounds.

Despite Tehran’s attempt to increase the salaries of locals with the aim of satisfaction and on the principle of “the rain is better than the blind”, the difference in monthly salaries between the locals is “50 dollars” and the foreigners “300 dollars”.

The difference in salaries led to the leakage of Syrians from the Iranian militias to the Qatirji militia and the Russian-backed National Defense Militia. The locals in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard do not have money and power, so their eyes are elsewhere. At the same time, the so-called Qatirji Militia and the National Defense Militia work for the Russian, But they follow the golden rule “Pay more, obey.” Where do they go?

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