Smuggling and Assad forces cause prices to increase in al-Bukamal

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Residents complain about significantly and incredibly high prices of food materials in the city of al-Bukamal, eastern Deir Ezzor. Among the reasons for the prices’ increase are the Syrian Lira decrease against the American dollar, and active smuggling in the city.

Smugglers smuggle materials from al-Bukamal to Iraq in coordination with Assad forces’ and Iranian militias’ commanders, the thing that increases the prices of other material in markets.

Taxes imposed on goods by the Assad forces at checkpoints, especially the al-Salihiya checkpoint also increased the prices of materials. The checkpoint is famous for imposing large taxes on vehicles and materials, hence traders receive them at high prices. The traders add profits, increasing the prices of materials.

Residents of al-Bukamal continue to suffer due to high prices and deteriorated economy amidst the absence of monitoring, restrictions on the Supply Directorate by traders and smugglers, and the Iranian militias’ authoritation.

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