Shariah courses are held in Deir Ezzor to teach Shi’a fatwas

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A source told Deir Ezzor 24 network that the Iranian “Hydariyon” militia intends to hold a recreational shariah course tomorrow, Friday, 12-6-2020, at its headquarters near Furat al-Sham hotel in Deir Ezzor city.

The source added that these courses are held periodically, and are attended by 20 people from Deir Ezzor, selected by Iranian mullahs of the militias.

He said that the lessons are given by “an Iranian mullah” from Hydariyon militia, accompanied by an Iraqi interpreter, and that some of the fatwas he has given during the past sessions are: (the Qur’an can be read without ablution), (rabbit meat is haram), (al-Jerri fish meat is haram).

It is indicated that Iran is active in converting the local population of Deir Ezzor to its brand of Shiism through its centers and the courses it has been holding throughout the province west of the Euphrates.

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