SDF arrests Daesh’ judge in al-Hol Camp

Written by Editorial Board

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On Wednesday, March 31, 2021, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) arrested Abu Muhammad al-Jamili the Daesh Shar’i judge in the al-Hol Camp. The SDF arrested al-Jamili during the Humanity and Security Campaign in the camp in the al-Hasakah countryside.

A source from the SDF stated that the SDF managed to arrest al-Jamili who is a Daesh commander and the Shar’i judge in al-Hol Camp.

Born in 1959, al-Jamili is from the Iraqi al-Anbar governorate. Al-Jamili worked with al-Qaeda in Iraq and then joined Daesh as a Shr’i Emir and Mufti. Al-Jamili continued work even after hiding in the camp.

Days ago, the SDF started the Humanity and Security Campaign in the camp against Daesh members hiding between the residents of the camp.

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