Russian warplanes perpetrate a horrible massacre in Al-Bulayl in rural Deir Ezzor in response to recent ISIS advance in the province

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Russian warplanes conducted today several air raids on the town of Al-Bulayl in rural DeirEzzor, killing at least 12 innocent civilians, including children, and wounding a number of others. Moreover, a number of civilian homes were completely destroyed in the deadly air raids during which cluster bombs were used.

Names of the civilians killed in the airstrike:

1. Ghassan Mohamed al Afat

2. Muhaydi Salih Al Hassan al Shahili

3. Ibn Shaman

4. Mohamed Ibrahim Muhaymid Mansour

5. Hussein Ibrahim

6. Muhaymid Mansor

7. The child, Yahya Mohamed al Ibrahim

8. The child, Mawada Ibrahim Al-Ahmad.



In the same context, regime warplanes conducted an airstrike on the same town, Al-Bulayl, leaving also a number of civilians dead and wounded.


It should be noted, that regime has recently intensified its airstrikes on civilian buildings and residential areas in DeirEzzor in response to recent ISIS’ advance in the province.

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