Russian warplanes carry out the second massacre within 48 hours in Deir Ezzor

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Today, Russian warplanes conducted new air raids on the villages of Al-Hussayniya, Al-Hissan, Shaqra, Al-Junayna in western rural Deir Ezzor, leading to the deaths of at least seven civilians and injuries of a number of others.


It should be noted that 15 innocent civilians fell victims to deadly Russian airstrikes on the town of Al-Bulayl in eastern rural Deir Ezzor yesterday. It seems like as if Russia is taking revenge on civilians in Deir Ezzor after recent ISIS advance against the regime positions in the province.

Names of the civilians who were martyred by Russian airstrikes today.

  1. Khalid Al-Fadila
  2. Firas Tabith Al-Zaraa
  3. Mohamed Al-Kaud
  4. Ahmed Al-Shaher
  5. Ayham Al-Shaher
  6. The daughter of Ayham, Fayez Al-Shawkan
  7. Five members of the family of Al-Hayess were martyred.

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