Residents of Deir Ezzor suffer due to taxes

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Well-informed sources told Deir Ezzor 24 that taxes imposed by the Russian backed Assad forces’ 4th Division increased at the checkpoints of the al-Bal’oom roundabout and the International highway.

The 4th Division impose taxes on people who are forced to park their vehicles over two houses or more sometimes if they refuse to pay 2,500 Syrian pounds per vehicle to allow it pass the division’s checkpoints.

The 4th Division members deliberately harass civilians and impose different taxes on them from time to time. Earlier, checkpoints of the division in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside imposed taxes on civilians under the name of members’ Eid bonus. The division also imposes taxes on civilians wanting to move around through its checkpoints.

Residents of Deir Ezzor continue to complain against members of the 4th Division on the background of the taxes’ however, the residents received no response amidst the absence of monitoring.

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