Residents complain about Assad regime’s neglecting areas, eastern Deir Ezzor

Written by Editorial Board

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Residents complained about the Assad regime deliberately neglecting most towns and villages in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside like Dablan, Sabikhan, al-Kashmeh, and al-Duwair. The residents complained about the absence of water and power for years.

Residents’ suffering in eastern Deir Ezzor increases in Summer due to high temperatures and need for water and cold air. People use public and private power generators to lit lights; however, the generators do not provide cooling.

The Assad regime neglected the residents’ demands to supply the area with power and water. The regime has always deliberately neglected Deir Ezzor for dozens of years.

Iranian militias supplied their headquarters and shrines like the Ayn-Ali shrine with power. The militias deprive residents from power and other services.

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