Report: Anti-Daesh military operations conducted by the FSA faction Assud Al-Sharqiya in eastern Qalmoun during recent months

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D24 report on eastern Qalamoun:


The FSA faction Assud Al-Sharqiya have recently fought bloody battles against Daesh in eastern Qalamoun, capturing several key areas, including Zubaydah Observatory. They have also repulsed multiple Daesh offensives in the region.


Assud Sharqiyah managed to thwart several Daesh attacks on their positions in areas such as Al-Mahroutha, Mount Ghurab, Mount Faka and Beer Julayghim in Al-Badiya region, inflicting devastating losses of lives and equipment upon the group. More than 120 Daesh fighters have been confirmed dead in the ongoing battles in eastern Qalamoun.

The FSA faction set up an ambush for a group of Daesh fighters in Al-Tayass military company, killing at least 4 Daesh amirs, identified as Abu Talha Al-Iraqi; second Daesh minister of war in Syria, Abu Muslim Al-Libi, Abu Qutada Al-Jazzrawi and Abu Ahmed Alaa; a Syrian Daesh commander.

In other news, Assud Al-Sharqiya ambushed a group of Daesh fighters in Al-Siss citadel in Qalamoun, killing several of them and capturing a number of vehicles, as well as huge amount of ammo and weaponry. They have also succeeded in clearing large areas in the Syrian Badiya from Daesh presence over the past two months.


Jaysh Assud Al-Sharqiyah is a military faction consisting mainly of Deir Ezzor locals. They are the FSA fighters who preferred to leave Deir Ezzor after the organization managed to occupy large territory in the province. Jaysh Assud Al-Sharqiya had also operated under the command of The Authenticity and Development Front before they broke their ties with it recently to focus on their own plans aimed at the liberation of Deir Ezzor from the extremist group.

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