Out of fear that the followers of Hazimi would rebel against it, Daesh organization arrested and executed many of them in rural Deir Ezzor

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Several Daesh affiliates have been arrested and executed immediately in the eastern and western countryside of Deir Ezzor on charges of being followers of ‘Ahmed Al-Hazimi’.


Since the SDF began their Raqqa campaigns, Daesh has resorted to the re-organization of its military and Sharia ranks. It is now taking into accounts defection and desertion among its ranks, just as it happened with the Iraqi Baath party during the American invasion in 2003.


There is an extremist trend within the ranks of Daesh which is more extreme than the latter itself. Its proponents do not hesitate to declare ignorant people as non-believers. They are followers of a sheikh named ‘Ahmed Al-Hazimi’, who is notorious for his ‘takffiri’ doctrine. Most of them are Tunisian nationals, in addition to some Uzbeks and Chechens.


Because of fear that they might rebel against it, the organization is monitoring those hazimis and punishing them with severe methods.


Few days ago, the Daesh-linked Al-Bayan radio station mourned the death of an influential figure in the ranks of Daesh known as ‘Turki Al-Banaali’, who died aged 30. And out of fear that the followers of Hzimi would take over, Daesh carried out a series of arrests against its affiliates  operating in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor. All the arrested were executed immediately.

That countryside is one of the key Daesh last main strongholds.


Between the years of 2014 and 2015, Daesh carried out executions against some of its high-ranking commanders. On top of them was ‘Abu Jaafar Hatab’, a Sharia head, who had had the same position when he operated in the ranks of ‘Ansar Sharia’ in Tunisia.


After the death of Turki Benaali, the organization is afraid of an internal division and collapse if the Hazimih, and those holding the same doctrine, would take over. This explains the mass arrest and executions against the recently arrested affiliates. It is treating and combating the followers of Hazimis with all available means at hands.

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