Operations Command in Deir Ezzor tries to calm people’s anger

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The Operations Command in Deir Ezzor issued a decision preventing members of civilian groups affiliated with the security branches and members of the national defense militia (NDF) from carrying weapons outside working hours, in order to avoid suspicion, as they have been accused of committing many crimes in the city’s neighborhoods. By this decision, Assad regime’s operations command is trying to reduce the tensions among people against its members.

Members of the NDF and Assad regime militias in Deir Ezzor are involved in committing attacks and abuses against civilians, who have complained about that many times but all was in vain.

The most recent of these attacks was when a civilian accidentally caused bread to drop from the hand of an NDF member at a bakery. The member beat the man, causing him serious injuries, because of which he was taken to hospital.

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