One of the most prominent war criminals in Syria is killed in mysterious circumstances.

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Today, one of the most prominent war criminals in Syria, Issam ZahrEddine, was killed in the explosion of a landmine in the Huwayjah Sakr area, according to regime-affiliated media.

Issam ZahrEddine was one of the influential pillars of the Assad regime who had a significant position among his loyalists that could even compete against Bashar Assad.


He comes from a Durzi family and was born in the town of Al-Surah Al-Kabira, rural Al-Suwadae, in 1961, and most members of his family volunteered into the ranks of Assad’s forces. He is considered to be among the most heavy-handed arms of the Assad regime since the beginning of the Syrian revolution.

Before being deployed to the province of Deir Ezzor, Issam had been known as one of the most prominent Assad’s commanders who partook in the attack on the Bab Amo neighborhood of Homs, where he carried out massacres against its residents. In Deir Ezzor, he recruited dozens of fighters from the province of Al-Suwadae, who became later affiliated with his linked regiment known as the 105 Brigade of the Revolutionary Guards. He led the ‘Nafed Assadallah’ battalion that bears responsibility for massacring civilians and mutilating their bodies in Deir Ezzor. In addition, he was seen in videos and pictures released by his admirers mutilating dead bodies of Daesh fighters.

Issam was also complicit in the Massrabah massacres that took place in the countryside of Damascus in 2012, during which dozens of civilians were executed at spots. He also took part in the Hara massacre and the Joura massacre in which more than 400 civilians were killed.


In last month, a video of Issam was released showing his addressing Syrian refugees by saying ‘Those who fled from Syria to anywhere, please do not come back’.

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