Assad’s forces continue to advance towards Al-Mayadeen with the aim of capturing it

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For the fourth day in a row, Assad’s forces continue their intense military operations on the vicinity of the city of Al-Mayadeen in eastern Deir Ezzor with the aim of capturing it.

A D24 correspondent said today that, ‘Assad’s forces are advancing from two main directions. The first is from the southern desert of Al-Mayadeen to the Shabli hill and the Madjanat Al-Shaher nearby the Kuu’ Ibn Aswad area. The second is from the artillery battalion to the Makef area and the Balu’m roundabout on the outskirts of the city.’

He added, ‘Assad’s forces have managed to cut off the road linking between Al-Mayadeen and the Quriyah city, where they stationed snipers on the elevated areas overlooking the highway between Al-Bukamal and Al-Mayadeen.’

Clashes are still ongoing between both parties on the outskirts of the city, mainly nearby the Mahkan area close the Majari area and the Ku’ Ibn Aswad area.


Assad’s forces are trying to reach the depth of the strategic city of Al-Mayadeen by advancing towards the Tayibah roundabout that is the main entrance to the city and other villages and cities in the eastern countryside, including Al-Bukamal, bearing in mind that the road from which they are advancing also leads to the Mayadeen bridge, which is locally known as the Hajanah area.


The advances of Assad’s forces are supported by an intense Russian air cover that is targeting the southern and eastern outskirts of the city with dozens of airstrikes on a regular basis.

Map of the current military situation in Al-Mayadeen

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