Officers and an element of the Assad’s forces are killed in Deir Ezzor

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Yesterday, Saturday, a group of the Assad forces was killed in Al-Shoula area south of Deir Ezzor city by a landmine from Daesh remnants.

Two officers and an element of the Assad forces were killed by the explosion, and they are:

1- Amjad Bassima, First Lieutenant, specialized in demining engineering, from Bisnada village in Latakia.

2- Khalaf Mahmoud Al-Essa, First lieutenant, from Jazrat Al-Buhamid in the western Deir Ezzor countryside

3-Hussein Al-Hourani, a soldier, from Jabba village in Al-Quneitra.

The accounts of the killing of the group vary, where a landmine was said to have exploded in the car carrying them.

Other said that while they were dismantling the mine, it exploded, killing them.

The killing of the group by a landmine coincided with the loss of two military groups belonging to the Assad’s forces, Russian forces and Iranian militias in the badiyah of Al-Mayadeen, as the contact was lost with the first group, which included Russian fighters, and the second group was sent to search for it, then like the first one the contact was also lost with the second group.

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