More than 65 regime forces and 22 ISIS militants have been killed in the ongoing clashes in Deir Ezzor since yesterday

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The death toll of regime forces that have been killed in the ongoing clashes against ISIS in Al-Bughayliya in rural Deir Ezzor has jumped up to 65 dead regime fighters and 40 others wounded, medical sources in the military hospital of Deir Ezzor told DeirEzzor 24.


On the other hand, more than 22 ISIS militants have been killed, among them fighters of four different nationalities and commanders of Syrian origins, and 30 others injured in the ongoing clashes against regime in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor, local sources told DeirEzzor 24.


It is worth mentioning that heavy clashes broke out between both parties near al Sai’qa military camp and Brigade 137 a few hours ago, coincided with several warplanes flying over those areas. In addition, regime is heavily bombarding villages situated in the western countryside as we speak, and ISIS is targeting the regime positions near Hotel of al Furat in western rural Deir Ezzor with heavy artillery.


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