ISIS still controls Al-Bughayliya and no evidence that the group perpetrated a massacre against civilians in the town

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A number of pro-regime social media pages published reports yesterday that ISIS carried out a massacre against civilians in Al-Bughayliya in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor. The reports said that at least 250 civilians fell victims to the massacre after ISIS seized the town; however, our correspondent in the region along with other local sources denied any reports of massacres against civilians in al Bughayliya.



The number of civilians who have fallen martyrs in the ongoing clashes in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor is twelve, and to be more precise they were martyred by a deadly regime airstrike on the town of al Bughayliya yesterday, DeirEzzor24 correspondent in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor added.

Those executed by ISIS in the town of al Bughyaliya yesterday were only Assad forces along with the National Defense militiamen (NDF), after the group had captured them in the town, and their number does not exceed 15 elements. On other hand, many civilians have fled to the village of Ayash in rural Deir Ezzor amid heavy clashes in the town of al Bughayliya.


According to the latest info, ISIS still controls the town of Al-Bughayliya, with the regime holding Brigade 137 and al Sai’qa military camp in addition to al Furat Hotel.


It is worth mentioning that ISIS has taken a number of civilians living in the town of Al-Bughayliya to another place that remains unknown for now, however, unlike other reports published by some news agencies, they are few in numbers.


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