ISIS captures positions in the Industrial neighbourhood of Deir Ezzor from Assad forces; dozens killed from both parties.

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ISIS managed after intense clashes with Assad forces to advance in the Industrial neighborhood of Deir Ezzor today. The gains were met with heavy regime warplanes bombardment on ISIS-held areas in the city.


The advance in the neighborhood was the result of a sudden attack launched by the group on Assad-regime positions in the area of al-Mahalat, southeast the Industrial neighborhood, followed by a suicide attack with a BMB vehicle filled with tons of explosives.


A D24 correspondent said, “At least 20 Assad forces have been killed in the ongoing clashes inside the city of Deir Ezzor”.


He added, “Assad-regime warplanes have intensified their air raids on multiple neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor city, including al-Humayda, the Industrial and al-Oradi neighborhoods along with the area of Ghasan Abdou, claiming the lives of several civilians with a number of others wounded as well”.


In response, ISIS shelled the regime-held al-Joura and al-Qusour neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor with no reports of civilian casualties.


ISIS launched a large-scale offensive yesterday targeting several regime positions inside the city of Deir Ezzor and succeeded in taking control over parts of Furat al-Sham Hotel along with several positions inside al-Harabish neighborhood, however, Assad-forces carried out a counter-attack and managed to recapture all the areas that fell to ISIS hands. Thirty militants were killed from both sides in yesterday’s clashes.

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