Iran’s agents seek spreading vice by promoting mut’ah marriage in Deir Ezzor

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Iranian militias penetrate Deir Ezzor, trying to spread vice in the society of the area and create a demographic change according to the plan of the Shiitte Crescent that Iran seeks entrenching.

Seeking to make people change their traditions that they have been brought up on for hundreds of years, the militias promoto strange styles of life in the area to fulfil their goals that outwardly are controlling the cities of a Sunni majority, and inwardly spreading Shiism among the residents of the cities, and trying to deform the Sunni society and make it lose its characteristics and identity.

To fulfil their goals, the militias resorted to different ways and styles the most recent of them is what the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ Corps (IRGC) militia fighters secretly done by signing contracts of the so-called “Nikah of Mut’a “ or temporary marriage that is considered by the residents of Deir Ezzor and religion and norms to be a kind of implied vice.

The militias keep these contracts top-secret on purpose, especially after the matter raised the residents’ resentment. Marriage patrons in al-Jabilah neighborhood get women and young girls married according to secret contracts and in return for tempting money.

The Iranian Militias’ Commandership reactivated Nikah of Mut’a after fighters of the Fatemiyoun militia were caught red handed in practicing vice with floozies. Tens of cases of vice have been recorded in al-Qusooor neighborhood when raiding brothels.

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