International Coalition and SDF arrest 20 persons in large security operation eastern Deir Ezzor

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On Monday, November 2, the SDF’s counter-terrorism forces (HAT), supported by the international coalition, carried out a large security campaign in Al-Sabha town in the countryside of al-Bussairah city, eastern Deir Ezzor, during which it arrested about 20 wanted persons on charges of carrying out terrorist operations, a source told Deir Ezzor 24 network.

According to the source, the international coalition aircraft covered the operation, that was described as “qualitative”. The SDF and the international coalition arrested about 20 wanted persons, believed to be responsible for the recent terrorist attacks in the Deir Ezzor areas east of the Euphrates.

The same source said that there were signs on the bodies of some of the arrested persons confirm that they had worked in preparing explosive devices.

The operation is part of a series of security campaigns carried out by the international coalition and the SDF to pursue terrorist cells operating under the umbrellas of Daesh and Assad regime.

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